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Cowin Welding Online Exhibition Preview | Come and join us!
发布时间: 2020-06-01 | 浏览数: 602

Due to Covid-19, many offline exhibitions were delayed. The Essen Welding & Cutting Online Fair arrived as scheduled. At the same time, our online exhibition with the theme of Welding and Cutting Technology Achieves the Beauty of Life has been on show to the audience through different media to present welding and cutting machine of different brands. Four courses are also uploaded online and you are welcomed to raise questions in the app which will be answered by our experienced welding workers. Moreover, our welding workers will show the welding process in Tiktok on live. There will be various activities to show you different aspects of Funisi Welding.

01 Theme Activity #Let’s get connected

The Fronius Creative Stories Competition] for all welding people is still in hot collection. If you have a unique welding machine story to share with us, welcome to submit your email to For more details, please click the picture above.

02 Welding & Cutting Courses & Live Show

You can take the courses by scanning the QR code with wechat, and Douyin Live Room will be on by this Thursday and Friday. Keep on focus at our latest news in wechat public account.

03 3D digital exhibition hall

Even if you are not in person, you can also experience the full-scale booth of the Funisi Welding!

Please pay attention to our WeChat public account for the opening hours of the exhibition hall!


Can’t wait for the Funisi Welding Exhibition! We're ready! What about you!